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Ebbo Excitement
« on: October 10, 2018, 08:46:51 PM »
Dear Readers,
Tomorrow, my ile is hosting our yearly big ebbo for Shango.
For those unfamiliar with the Orishas, Shango is the west African deity of lightning, electricity, and fire. He is embodied in the fire that heats our hearths and our hearts. He stands next to Eshu as one of the hands of justice, that of punishment and retribution.
If the world needs anything right now, it is justice.

In this year in which the Odu is Irete Ka, immediately following a year of Ogguna Tasia, I did not fail to notice that the advices to be faithful in observances means a lot more burning things than usual. Be it incense, that bit of bread or meat one pushes to the side straight into the fire first, that sip of coffee one will miss from pouring it to the left, that extra candle...the action calls to Shango.
This year, all of the aware children of Oduduwa and their allies of different nations who heard about it and followed suit, understanding that Africa is the Motherland of all, have been calling Shango, an enforcer of balance, to be manifest in our species. We do not wish undue harm for anyone, but that those who have lost their benevolence be guided back to empathy. Failing this, let Nature operate as she wills and does.
This will be the first year that I will have a companion in my ile's egbe Oya. My new brother has committed himself into apprenticeship under my queen. It has been a difficult journey for him, but he has come so far in just a year. He is stronger, sexier, and living much smarter than he was. Last Friday we began his egbe specific training. I am so proud of him. This year, he is hosting the Shango ebbo in his apartment.
The fire that warms, the fire that burns, the fire that motivates, the fire that cleanses...We are grateful to Shango for these. May the Sun continue to shine on us, and may our passion keep life worth living and actually continuing to live.
Kabeyosile Shango!
Blessings and Ashe,
 ~ Sheloya


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