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Code of the Acolyte
« on: October 09, 2018, 03:07:08 AM »
This is the vow and code of acolytes of Sis. K. Nicole Tenette Lasher. If you wish to study the magical arts under Sis. Lasher, you must strictly adhere to it. It may seem a bit intense for some, but I consider the internet to be another form of communication like speaking or writing. Just because you study on the internet does not make it any less important, nor does it in any way reduce the level of responsibility you must have in order to practice magic.

Magic is a martial art. It arose and developed as a way for people to make a way when there was no way. Rather than arrogantly fighting against Nature, someone somewhere along the way chose to align themselves with the forces of Nature. We align ourselves in order to perceive what is normally unseen, and to do what cannot be done with a normal perception or by battling the forces and energies we are dependent on to survive. It was a way to better live in harmony with Nature as well as to be strong against human foes who may seem to  have greater strength or social power. We are the messenger, and at times the incarnation of the principle that no one is stronger than Nature.

Prospective students should understand that their enrollment into my class is not an initiation to Vodun, Obeah, or any other ancient tradition. I do not teach Obeah online. I teach magic, witchcraft, sorcery, and other things online, and some of it may come from the Obeah tradition and some from Vodun, but the online courses will not give you an official credential in anything save for having passed my (Sis. Lasher's) scrutiny well enough that if you do the work, one can call you a real witch or sorcerer.

I am not initiated into African Vodun, nor do I claim to be. I am not Iyanifa or Babalawo, or holding any rank in Nigeria, Togo, Benin, or Ghana. Though I do serve as the female king of Ile Baalat Teva, this is not a claim to Vodun priesthood in any way. I am merely a carrier of the Sacred Serpents who received the initial three taps by a teacher who should not be named so as to avoid disharmony among the living.

At the halfway point between birth and permission to come out as an Obeah woman, I took my walk in the land of bones.

At some point in your journey, you should find a live mentor or teacher, if possible. If you do not find another, students are welcome to visit me in Israel. One of the reasons I charge monthly rather than yearly is because many people find a live mentor along the way, and I do not want anyone to be obligated with online study if they have something better. If your mentor wishes you to continue your studies with me, then that is fine too. Just remember that even if they have the same knowledge of magic that I do or better, you must still keep the code of privacy with regards to discussions and details about your fellow students.

You will be expected to print a copy of the Code and Vows, sign it and post the image as an attachment in a reply to this topic.

Class fees are $500 per month, and can be paid through the paid subscription form in the forums, or sent as a direct payment to
If the standard fees are out of your range, we can probably work something out, but then your obligation will be greater. You will be on a sort of work-study program and have assignments such as assisting clients and doing duty observances and meditations. You may have to keep certain taboos and do specific purifications to stay in readiness.     
The Code and Vows for Students of Sis. K. Nicole T. Lasher 
1. I will not speak to others about discussions that happen in or through contacts made in the class forums, comments, or other areas, without explicit permission to do so. 
2. I will not share any private information about my fellow students or instructor(s). 
3. I will not copy or share any of the course materials including but not limited to text, audio, images, or video.   
4. If any knowledge given in the course or by the instructor(s) is marked or designated as secret, it must never be shared with anyone ever. It is for my eyes and ears only.   
5. If any knowledge given in the course of by the instructor(s) is designated legacy or heritage, it must never be shared with anyone except my official future students obligated by blood, currency, or work-study.   
6. I will do daily observances of at least fragrance, smoke, food, or immolation to the deities of my pantheon.   
7. I will do monthly cleansing of my person and work-space or altar and sleeping area, as well as purification to stay ritually ready.   
8. I will be kind to children and the elderly, pregnant women, and the terminally ill, so as not to offend the gatekeeper deities or ancestors.   
9. I will be well groomed and mindful of my appearance and manners, so as not to offend the spirits of prosperity.   
10. I will ask Sis. Lasher before doing any working or making any talisman or amulet during my term of study.   
11. I will not advertise Sis. Lasher's class in public. Any marketing should be at her discretion.  If I feel someone would benefit from her instruction, I will discuss it with them privately.   
12. If I break any of the vows in this document, may Ogun cut me into tiny pieces. I also understand that I may be used as target practice for aggressive magic by those I have failed with my misdeeds.   

Signature: _______________________________________  Date: _________________   
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